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Week 1- I Heart Williamsburg!

Country Music Austin

The Williamsburg Bridge

We’ve been here for 5 days and it’s been busy! Two rehearsals, three shows and a lot of moving around… Lots of Ruby Red Birds on draft, hanging with Graham Wilkinson, and shots of whisky! If you’re just starting to read the blog, welcome! Me and My High Hands are in NY for a month, and I’m here to tell you all about it!

SHOW #1 – The Skinny Dennis on Thursdays  – We killed it! A lot of cats came out to see us. The band sounded great and everyone had a blast. I sold a few shirts, CDs and gave away a shit load of High Hands stickers.  I also covered the bar in stickers. lol.. I met a few local singer as well. The musicians here are really supportive. They come see you play and then invite you out. It’s kind of awesome. After the show I dropped Eldridge off at Drew’s house and came back to Williamsburg around 4 am. I guess I parked in the wrong spot cuz when I went for my jog the next morning my car was gone!

TOWED! – I parked in a bad spot and they took my Jeep to the Navy Yard. (that’s what they call the tow place)  I had to figure out where the hell the truck was first and then I had to get my ass there. My girl Erin gave me a ride.  I had to get proof of insurance and then pay them $185! And they also gave me a $60 ticket! Found it on my window when I got my Jeep from the tow yard. FUUUUUUK!  And the day before that, I got a $150 parking ticket for parking too close to a fire hydrant.  I spent my entire Friday getting my truck out of the tow yard and picking up Jimmie from the airport. I was so over NY by the end of the day, but I had a good evening to look forward to, so I stayed positive.

BUT FIRST – An evening with Graham Wilkinson –  He sent me a FB message letting us know he was in town, so we made plans to hang. I had to pick up Jimmie from the airport, so we were a little late to hang, but once we checked into the hotel, we got dressed and jumped on a bus.  good thing Jimmie knows how to ride the bus, cuz I have no clue. We totally rode the bus for free. All we had was cash and big bills, so we weren’t able to pay .. The bus driver just let us go. We met Graham at The Skinny Dennis and got drunk. Dammit.. We had a lot of Ruby Red Birds and way too many shots of Jameson.  It was totally worth it and a blast to see a friend in town from Texas. We laughed, talked and connected. It was a great time.

Austin in Brooklyn

Austin in Brooklyn




SHOW #2 – The Hill COuntry BBQ in DC – We barely made it to this gig.. We picked up Eldridge around noon on Saturday. The show was at 5:30 in DC! We should have left around 10 am, just to be safe, but I had to get to the bank, so I made us almost late. It’s a 4 hour drive to DC from Brooklyn, and there’s about $40 in tolls each way! .. Gas was about $100… if not more…  We got there at 5:15 and went to the wrong location. Despite all that, we were set up and ready to play by 5:30! I was getting us each Ruby Red Bird beers by 5:31pm. 🙂 We totally made it! Barely.  The show was a Hill Country BBQ event held at The National Building Museum. We played it last year, but it was raining so we did it inside. This time we got to play outside and it was packed! The audience was great! They tipped us well, bought CDs, danced, took pics with us. I’m so glad we made it and it all worked out because we really had a great show. We didn’t have a bass player and Jimmie is usually on guitar, but he played bass instead so Eldridge would have someone to jam with. No one even noticed .. and if they did, no one said anything. It was a blast! I like the way Jimmie plays bass. ❤

Hill Country BBQ in DC!

Hill Country BBQ in DC!

Show #3 – The Lucky Dog! – Oh man what a day! This is our “Sunday Funday” show. The bar staff is amazing! Thanks Melissa and Leslie for hanging with us!  Leslie lived in Austin for a little bit, so we talked Texas and then partied!  This show is cool cuz we play right next to the window and the windows open, so you can walk by the bar and hear us. We had a great crowd. Jimmie played bass again and killed it. And as always Eldridge sang his ass off and played beautifully. Drew was on guitar. He’s a new High Hand. I’m really happy with his playing. And he’s fun to work with. Mr. Cool. Love that guy!  The neighbors complained that we were too loud, so we toned it down. This bar is named after Sal’s dog. Sals’ the owner. I got to meet Lucky the other night. Speaking of Sal.. he took us to dinner after our show and treated us to steak and wine! He even carried my guitar, and I have proof! How is he so nice? Thanks for everything SAL!! Seriously.  Wish Erin was there.. (his girlfriend is also one of the nicest peeps ever.) I had the pork chop. yum! After dinner we went to see Teri Joyce play The Skinny Dennis! She was amazing as always and once again we got to hang with our Texas friends.  It was the best Sunday ever. Three shows down, 9 to go!



I’d say the trip is going well. I love me some NY. I knew this place was supposed to be a part of my life. I’ve always known that… I’m just glad to be here and share my music with this amazing city. Miss you Texas!!!

Amanda Jo

The High Hands are Home.

photo 4    Hey there! We are all settled in In Brooklyn! It’s been raining once a day and sunny. I have this dope little flat on the top of some building on the south side of Williamsburg. It’s pretty crazy. Today is our first show ! Im a little nervous, but I have butterflies, so that’s a good sign. It usually means I’m just excited to play and not worried about the outcome. We rehearsed with a guitar player and bass player on Tuesday when we rode in,  and now we have one more rehearsal with them today. …that moment when I hope to God these guys practiced my music..  I really do hope they’re ready!

We got in on Tuesday at 11 am. I went to look at the place I was gonna rent and had a bad vibe. The lady was clearly on some sort of drugs and the place was blah.. dark and negative. I knew I had to come up with another plan..  By 3 pm that day, I had a new place lined up and I couldn’t be more blessed. I have to admit, this trip, and how ambitious of a journey it is, has already been quite the learning experience. I didn’t save up a bunch of cash, I barely had things figured out (to be perfectly honest).. the only thing I did do perfectly, was not give up. I didn’t let the scary things scare me. They’re always gonna’ be scary, so why let it stop me? I cannot believe how much help has poured in just by me not giving up, not stressing out, and KNOWING that it was all gonna work out. What i REALLY learned is that sometime it works out better than you could have EVER planned it! ..and in this situation, I fell like I’m dreaming. Probably cuz I was!

I added a few pics of our stop in TN at Loretta Lynn’s kitchen. We just had to go there, and I’m glad we did. I bought that mug for the owners of the bars I’m playing at. Those cats really have my back in this, and a few mustache T-shirts and a Loretty mug was what I had to show my gratitude. They were stoked!

Tonight we play our first show of many in NY…..And 3 more appearances have been added, but these are dance lessons! I will be teaching Texas Two Step on Tuesdays for three weeks at The Skinny Dennis where I’ll also be playing every Thursday. I’m excited to share the Texas Two Step with this town. I grew up dancing to country music in Texas, and feel like I can show them the real way we do it! Plus I’m a kick ass teacher. You better aks somebody! I teach at 7 pm, right before Zephania and Honeyfingers! He is the booking agent for Skinny Dennis and Lucky Dodg (the two bars Im a resident at this month) , but he has his own band and they are honky tonk as fuck and they rock! anyways, I saw them play this week and it was amazing!  I decided to call my dance classes Honeytoes, since we open for his band, Honeyfingers. It just makes sense… So, Come get you some Honeytoes Texas Two Step dance lessons on Tuesdays in  June and get your dance on to HoneyFINGERS right after! June 10th, 17th & 24th! It’s FREE.

The drive here was long and I’m glad to be out of the car, into my place, at the gym, in the grocery store and at a desk typing to you. Life is beautiful.  I’m grateful. Wish me luck tonight! It’s my first gig in town. …Wow. I can’t believe it’s finally here..

Love you
Amanda Jo

Leaving Memphis! – Brooklyn Bound!

Hey everyone! We’re back on the road, but this time, we’re not exhausted. We got into Memphis yesterday at 11 am. We drove all night…. and when we we arrived, we were spent. I decided to go lay out at the awesome pool and Eldridge did too. I think I got a tan. It’s hard to tell sometimes. We mustered up enough energy to drive around Memphis and got get some yummy food. We were told to go to this local asian spot, and we did cuz it sounded pretty good. I ordered way too much sushi. Eldridge kept it pretty real.

We got back to the house and could barely keep our eyes open. We tried to watch TV, and or a movie, but I was asleep on the couch before I knew it. I crashed out at 8 pm Sunday night, and woke up at 7:30 am Monday morning! I’m jacked up on coffee and cigarettes! Eldridge is driving, and I’m working in the passenger seat.  We’re about 150 miles from Nashville. I think we have plans to stop and eat lunch there. I’ve never been…

We should be in Brooklyn by 3 am or so. Were gonna’ stay with Drew tonight, and tomorrow I check into the room i rented. I hope it’s a good spot. So far this trip, and how everything is unfolding, has been pretty perfect, so I have a good feeling about the rest of it! 🙂

I took some shots of Memphis for you all to enjoy. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading this.
Amanda Jo

Let’s live in Brooklyn for a month!

AmandaCevallosLOGO_BW Hello ! My name is Amanda Cevallos. I’m the lead singer and songwriter for my country band, Amanda Cevallos & The High Hands. I live in Austin, Texas… usually… but for the month of June I’m living in Brooklyn and playing 12 shows is 24 days! Im writing to you from the passenger seat of my Jeep. Hi!

Last June Eldridge, Jimmie Dreams(guitar), Mark Williams(bass) and I went on tour to the east coast.  We played shows in Dallas, Kansas City, Pennsylvania, and DC. We ended up in NY playing two bars in Brooklyn, The Lucky Dog and The Skinny Dennis. The bar owner, Salvatore and the booking agent, Zephaniah, we’re open to my idea to play a weekly show at both bars for a month, so I quickly made plans to do just that. We tried to go in November, but it didn’t work out, so I decided to do it in June when my apartment lease was up. ouch! I just spent the last few days moving, servicing my Jeep. packing for tour and working my day job as a music booking agent in Austin for Will Taylor & Strings Attached. It’s been a long week, but it was so worth it. We’re on muthafuckin’ the road, bitches!  😉

Eldridge and I are driving to NY together and picking up the rest of The High Hands in Brooklyn. It just so happened Eldridge’s best friend, Drew Fleming, who we all stayed with while we there last year, plays guitar like a boss. We asked him if he could be in the band, not only because he’s E’s bestie, but it just made the most sense.  Drew was in! So  now Drew is a High Hand! Welcome, Drew!! We asked him to find a bass player for us, and he suggested Ezra Gale. Ezra was available and we welcome him, too! There were a few shows them cats couldn’t make tho, so we decided to fly Jimmie Dreams in to cover! He’s our Austin HIGH Hand guitarist and we needed him! Jimmie gets in town on Friday and he’ll be with us for a week! We have a few rehearsals this week with Drew & Ezra and then it’s showtime. Our first show is THIS Thursday at The Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg!

…and just like that, The High Hands are New Yorkers!!  eh.

So why did I want to do this? I wanted to try something new! I always wanted to live in NY.  Now I kind of do!!  We’re on the way to Memphis tonight to stay at Eldridge’s sisters house. We’re gonna get some rest after a long drive and get to Brooklyn by Monday. I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m pretty tired form this long week, but I must say, today was one of the best days of my life. I moved out of my house, and packed my car to go live in Brooklyn. I feel like I’m doing something that I’ve always dreamed of doing, and it feels good! My father would be proud. I know my mom is, because she called me and told me. She always knows how to make my day, and it was a good one!

I plan to document as much of this “tour” as I can in this new blog. Please subscribe and stay tuned! I hope you enjoy it.